Candy SA Serves Up Authentic RSA Apparel

Candy SA, with their flagship concept store in Braam at 70 Juta Street, was founded in 2011 as an outlet for ‘Authentic RSA Apparel’ and they profess that they are “inspired to showcase South Africa's talent with clothing manufactured in SA, custom fitted for perfection and mouth watering designs."

After achieving sales of their winter range in stores across the country in 2013, Candy SA built up to opening their first physical store in Braam in July 2015. 

This year, they’ve opened a second store in Parkhurst and, just last month, they launched their much-anticipated women’s range.

Their styling carries bold references to American collegiate inscriptions proudly emblazoning phrases like ‘CANDY ATHLETICS JHB’ on a variety of cuts of wardrobe staples, such as track pants, golf shirts and t-shirts. They also stock must-haves like their own bomber jackets in rich colours, ‘SA’-branded caps and even vellskoene.






Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm
70 Juta Street, Johannesburg
Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm
70 Juta Street, Johannesburg